Credit Card: What It Is, How To Get It And Everything You Need To Know.

It is important to make it clear that credit cards are not an extra source of income, but the possibility of short, medium and long term credit execution. These credits should be used with planning so that there are no delays with the lender. The delays generated and default in Brazil show the lack of planning in the use of credit cards. If you still don’t know if it’s the right way to go, first understand the difference between Debit vs. Credit cards.

How to get a card?

In the market, there are many card options but most of them require a bank account. After all, they prefer to create a more lasting relationship with the customer, by registering the current account. Existing alternatives, however, can be quite advantageous.

However, it is common for the user to have to meet some stricter requirements. This way, the bank or financier needs to make sure that the consumer will bear their bills. This would be easier with the link, as the card company could block account values, for example.

Thus, it is critical that the user has their name cleared. That is, he has no arrears with any lender. Secondly, the card operator will request proof of a minimum income. The credit limit will be set based on this individual’s monthly earnings.

By contracting the card, you can perform all common device transactions. This includes, for example, payment for cash or installment purchases, payment of bills, access to functions over the internet, and more. Since the agency already has your bank details, you will not have to submit many documents and credit analysis takes place in a much shorter time.

When you apply for a card, you can contact your card operator over the phone, over the internet, or even in person. Normally, the proposal will be evaluated and approved or not by the company.

Credit card without bank account?

If you do not already have a checking account, you will need to present documents such as ID, CPF, proof of income and proof of address. The process may take a little longer as the bank will do a credit analysis and may release a lower limit. Here are two of the most commonly used card operators that do not require you to have an open checking account.


Ligio is a card offered by Bradesco bank. To obtain it, however, the consumer does not need to have a bank account. Anyone who wants to request it just needs to use the Ligio app, available on the Play Store or Apple Store on mobile devices. You will then be asked for a quick registration and the card will be automatically created. The flag of the device is Visa, and use of the feature does not require the payment of any fee, not even annuity.


Yebank was a company created exactly to offer a non-bank card. The card has no annuity, and allows the user to access all their financial information in the app. Incidentally, as in the previous option.

Today, Yebank also offers the so-called YeConta, the company’s bank account. Anyone who wants to can request both services, but there is no guarantee that both will be approved.

In addition, the user can lock the card at any time, increasing control of their finances and unlocking it when needed. The flagship of the device is Mastercard, and Yebank makes an assessment of each customer, whether or not available the card.

Super Account and Access

The Account Over Access can also be considered credit cards, but they are prepaid cards. That is, the consumer recharges them and can use them until the money deposited runs out. Both have a Mastercard banner, and a service plan is required to use them. The Super Account is managed by Bankate, and the Access by Mastercard.

Who can have a card

Who can have a card

The conditions required to have a card are not complex, but must be taken into consideration. In addition, it is important to note that all requirements must be met.

  • Being over 18: or being between 16 and 18, but being emancipated – the emancipated gets the same rights as an adult;
  • Proving income: If you have no source of income, it will be more difficult to get the card because the cardholder understands that you are less likely to pay your bills;
  • Keep a clean name: Banks consult their CPF before approving the card issuance.

Credit card, know how to use

Credit card, know how to use

It is a tool you use to buy today and pay another day. The merchant who made the sale will also receive it at a future date, minus a commission. The credit card acts as an intermediary between the customer and the seller, so it charges a commission from the customer in addition to fees for services rendered, which are usually charged to the cardholder.

All purchases you make must be paid at a future date. Even if you do not pay the invoice on time or pay only a portion of the total amount due, the establishment will receive the full amount minus the commission. We may also call it a debt centralizer: all your purchases must be paid on a single date.

It’s called plastic money. It works as a kind of credit line that is offered through a card (which can also be virtual) for purchases of goods and services in Brazil and abroad. Purchases can be made in physical or virtual stores – on websites or mobile apps.

Store cards often offer installment payments for purchases made with this form of payment. The installment payment varies from store to store, and may be without interest (or with interest already embedded) or with interest charges – provided they are properly informed before purchase.

They can be national or international. Issued to individuals or legal entities and generally offer the possibility of issuing additional cards to family members or persons designated by the holder in the case of an individual or to employees in the case of a legal entity. But always know the differences between the types of cards.

For the legal entity, the most common is the so-called corporate card that is usually used by managers and executives to attend business events (lunches, meetings) and to pay travel expenses.

Flag exchange but still want to be co-branded?

Flag exchange but still want to be co-branded?

Let’s explain the technical terms used so you don’t need a translator to understand the contract or what that sweet voice on the other end of the line is trying to explain to you.

Credit Card Administrators

These are service providers, not financial companies, that mediate between carriers, establishments, brands and financial institutions.


Natural or legal person using the card.


Institution that authorizes the issuer to generate cards with its brand and that makes establishments available to the holder for their use. Ex. Visa, Mastercard


It is the administrator, linked to a financial institution, authorized by a flag to issue cards with its name or third parties.


It is the administrator who can affiliate merchants with the credit card system of the flag with which it is associated. Its function is to manage, pay and provide technical support to affiliated merchants.


Store or service provider that accepts credit cards from a particular brand.

Financial institution

These are the banks authorized by the flag to issue the card.


Fee that the cardholder charges the cardholder to associate with the credit card system.


Amount paid by the establishment to the institution that affiliated it. It is usually a percentage deducted from the value of the sale of the good or service and may vary by company size (micro, small, medium, large), average sales value, business risk, company age, time the company is a client of the bank and the administrator among others.

Guarantee Remuneration

Revenue that the cardholder charges from the cardholder when purchases are funded.

Administration fees among others

Any monthly fee charged to the holder when using a loan. Delayed the invoice, now what?

Affinity card

Credit card that displays the logo or brand of a club, association, NGO, or nonprofit that receives a percentage of the total sales made with the card.


They are similar to affinity cards, but issued by companies recognized in the market. They are usually issued by automakers, large retail chains, airlines and travel agencies and offer some discount or advantage with the accumulation of miles or points in reward programs.

What You Need to Know Before You Make a Credit Card

What You Need to Know Before You Make a Credit Card

In order to enjoy all of the above benefits to the best of your ability, it is important that when making the card you choose calmly and carefully, as this is a commitment made to the bank and must be managed conscientiously.

There are a few tips you need to know before making a card:

Bank choice

You can either choose to buy a credit card from the bank you already have an account on, or one you don’t have. To make the best choice, look at annuity, interest, and service package values ​​and choose the one that best fits your needs, with or without a chip.

Keep in mind that it will be easier to get the card at your current bank, as they have your financial history, making credit analysis easier. You can also get better deals if you pay your bills on time.

Threshold Value

Every credit card has a limit, which is the maximum amount you can spend on purchases. The determination of the limit depends mainly on two factors:

  • Credit analysis that the bank makes at the time of card acquisition. So if you are up to date with the institution, you might get a better limit, as they understand that you are a good payer;
  • Your monthly income: Basically, the more you earn per month, the higher your limit will be. However, some cards have pre-approved limits, so it is important to compare.

Interest rate

If, for any reason, you cannot pay the invoice or its minimum amount, you will have a higher debt the following month, as you will be charged not only for that month’s invoice, but also for the unpaid month’s invoice and the amount of interest for each month. day determined by that bank. There is the advantage of credit card withdrawals, but also be aware of the interest rate that may be charged when withdrawing.

This is one of the determining factors in choosing the card. Compare between various banks and choose the one with the lowest interest rate.


The annuity is a fee that banks include for their services and is charged once a year, and the customer must pay it if they wish to remain tied to the institution. Despite being paid only once a year, it is important to choose carefully, as it usually takes a long time to choose your bank and credit card.

There are banks that charge the annuity only after the first year of card use. So again, it’s worth comparing.


In general, every card offers advantages for those who use it, as we mentioned earlier. For example, you can earn points to redeem for products or services. When choosing yours, ask what the benefits are and how to use them. There are also benefits if you have a premium line credit card.

International Purchasing

There is an option to choose a card that can also be used for international purchases. This modality is usually worth it only for those who will actually use it, since it has more expensive rates.

We hope you enjoyed the content! Feel free to share your experiences or just leave a comment. Take the time to ask questions and suggest new guidelines and be sure to check out the other blog articles with tips for financial organization.

Credit Card: Reduce Debts

Credit Card: Reduce Debts

High interest and runaway: a perfect match for debt

Research indicates that about 40% of Brazil’s adult population is in debt.

Guess what is the main form of debt? Who said credit card got it right. Every time the bearer does not pay the bill on time is actually using a form of financing. As the card is a kind of credit line, when the bill is not paid on time or the full amount is not paid, the cardholder is financing a debt with the administrator. But if you are charged improperly, don’t worry, just contact your bank or financier and your problem will be clarified.

The invoice for payment contains the total amount to be paid and the minimum amount, which in turn corresponds to a percentage of the total invoice. Every time, instead of paying the full amount of the invoice, the minimum amount or any other amount between the minimum and the total amount of the invoice is paid, the holder is using the so-called revolving credit. The balance due will incur interest considering the next due date. And if you want to cancel your card even with debt, here is what you can do.

Since the interest rate of the revolving is among the highest in the market – it can reach more than 400% per year – creates the snowball effect, in which the debt increases substantially and goes out of control. In an attempt to curb misuse of the rotary, the Centobank has determined that the minimum amount can only be used once. If it does not repay the total debt, in the second month the bank should offer a lower rate financing line so that the customer has the possibility to repay the debt.

Rules? Understand

In 2017, there were changes in the use of revolving credit and other important points, check out the main changes below:

  • The card bill now comes with two values: the total, with the full amount of spending and the minimum amount, now fixed at 15% of the total;
  • Limit of one month for revolving credit.

In short, unlike in the past, the minimum payment went on to the next bill plus interest, which is called revolving credit, but that is now over. The new rules were approved to combat the default of Brazilian consumers and lower average interest rates.

Thus, failing to pay the revolving credit the following month, the debt must be in installments, and there may be negotiation of debts with your bank or financial.

Advantages Of Having A Credit Card

Advantages Of Having A Credit Card

Credit Access

The main advantage of credit cards is the fact that you can make purchases and only pay them later, on the invoice closing date. With this you can buy even if you have no money at the moment. Besides the advantage that you can make withdrawals without having to change cards.

  • If you are a business owner or have a card for your business, please be aware that you can receive payments directly to your credit card.


You can parcel out the value of purchases and thus purchase higher value goods that would not be possible to buy in cash.


The card makes it unnecessary for you to carry large amounts of cash, so it is a much safer option.

In case of problems with card purchases, it is much easier to get help from the bank and even money back, as all transactions are tracked and archived in your register.

Benefits / Loyalty Programs

With the use of the card, you can participate in programs to get benefits. There are a variety of benefit programs where you get discounts as you use the card and you can use them to redeem for products, services, or miles.

With this, the customer can really enjoy several advantages while making their purchases with the card. You can earn points from buying the month at the market to paying for coffee at the bakery and, for that, exchange for travel or movies, for example.

Easy online shopping

With the credit card, you make the purchase online and pay immediately, having the payment approved in seconds. With this, you do not need to go to a lottery or bank (as with slips) and the deadline starts from the day of purchase. In addition, if your purchase is unsuccessful or necessary, you can still request a refund of the value back to your card.

Explore all options before using or canceling your credit card

Explore all options before using or canceling your credit card

When there is a need or simply a desire to buy a product or service, look at the alternatives to buy it as cheaply as possible. It is usually to make the purchase with cash payment, because in addition to being debt free, you can get a discount on making this purchase. Buying with a cash credit card will not give you discounts, but it has its advantages. Is it worth having more than one credit card?

The main advantage is that you will repay that debt within the stipulated time. Another advantage is being interest free that are charged with the installment payment on the card. If there is no other alternative and you need to buy with your credit card, research all offers and promotions for this product available at that time before you pass the card to the first store. Always have your card in your favor.


A credit without surety to undertake

Have you been thinking about undertaking? Do you have any ideas in mind? Congratulations! By taking this step, many people may think so that you do not. Telling you that it is too risky, you will not succeed, you will not sleep, you will not have social life or you could even get into debt. But we want to tell you to forget about those negative comments and start your venture with effort.

It is true that if you are passionate about something, you will be able to achieve your goals, and you will work more for less money but it will only be at the beginning, then you can already enjoy your schedule by being an entrepreneur. If you have in mind to build something successful, it is because you have your vision and you can execute it as it should. You just have to repeat “I can”

Being an entrepreneur is a complicated task but you will definitely find many adventures. See how your business will start to grow and succeed is priceless. Do you have the necessary budget to start? If the answer was no, do not worry, we want to show you how you can take this step with an easy, fast and unsecured credit to start with the right foot.

Why use a credit to undertake?

Why use a credit to undertake?

The benefits are many! Before starting we remind you that when deciding to undertake it will be a lot of work but that it will be done with passion. You must dedicate a lot of effort and work to obtain success. We know you can do it with Prospero credit!

Customized fees

It is very important that even if you are starting, you must take care of your budget so that your business can grow. By opting you will only be given fees that you can pay, this will also help you maintain a good credit record. This is of great benefit if you wish to continue investing in the future in your project.

You don’t need a guarantor

Privacy! You don’t need a second person to support you. Our trust will be direct for you and your business. We trust your projects.

The payment term you choose

The payment term you choose

You will have the freedom to choose the term that best suits you, you can do it between 12, 24 or 48 months. This in order not to affect your Financial Health.

Credit approval in less than 48 hours

If what you need in cash quickly, remember that in less than 48 hours you will be providing the disbursement.

Low interest rate

Ideally, the interest rate will be less than 5 percent and that is what we provide. We guarantee that your debt will be paid little by little for the amount you have requested.

Safe and transparent

When you decide to start your business, it is best to trust the financial institution that is responsible. Prospero gives you the options that best suit what you need with transparent conditions.

Balance Erase Benefit

We trust you! When you apply for your credit and make timely payments you will automatically enter the Good Finance benefit. You can know here the bases so you can participate.


Learn three ways to make money with your car

Many times we have at our disposal a car that we do not even use, either because our work is relatively close to our home or because our partner or friends transport us in their vehicles.

Be that as it may, despite all the credit facilities that exist today, a car remains a privilege that not everyone has and that many want, so taking advantage of it is a wise idea.

On the other hand, there is the possibility that you have in mind the acquisition of a vehicle, but high market prices prevent it from being carried out, well, for this there is the option to put your car to work as the fees are being paid . This translates as “collaborative economy.”

Did you ever imagine that having a car could make you earn money?

Maybe they think it’s possible being a taxi or private transportation. While these ideas are valid, they are not the only alternatives for your car to produce.

Here we share some of the most effective ideas, especially if you work on something else and do not use your vehicle so often. LEASE YOUR CAR. In a very feasible business today. Thousands of people do it and in fact, a considerable part of the population prefers to do so before buying a car.

There are several platforms that allow you to rent your car

car loan with money cash

You set the daily price of your vehicle and, in turn, take care of the delivery and collection of it. Thus, everything is under your supervision and consent, and it also allows you to know directly the person who is driving your car during that time. You could even get a fixed customer who leases your car on a monthly basis.

“It is a safe way to produce money with your vehicle, in addition most of these platforms take care of practically everything such as hiring car insurance and other important maintenance of the vehicle,”. Some recommendations to make money with your car:

Place ads in your car

car loan with money cash

Transforming your vehicle into a billboard may sound like nonsense, but there are people and companies that pay good money for that, you just have to contact the right people. Although it is a bit flashy and extravagant, take it as a smart investment to consider for a while.

To get good customers influence factors such as: vehicle size, daily travel, hours in which it is in circulation and duration of the campaign.

Become a carrier. You may require a little more time and availability, however, it can also be done during free time (depending on how you organize). For this there are applications such as or , with which you can place orders from other people.

There is also the option of custom transport. You can take people from your home to work and vice versa. You can do this without interrupting your workdays, you just have to find people who match the schedule and location.


Secure home loans are on the rise

The housing loan market continues to expand rapidly: by the end of September, banks had signed nearly $ 642 billion mortgage loans, a 36 percent increase. There has been a spectacular expansion in mortgage loans with fixed repayments for 5 to 10 years: nearly $ 200 billion more than last year.

Meanwhile, demand for the most volatile variable-rate home loans fell significantly, by 36 percent. Competition between banks is strong and differences between home loans are significant, with up to HUF 5 million difference in the total repayment of the safest schemes.

The home mortgage market is developing favorably

The home mortgage market is developing favorably

In terms of lending and secured loans, according to GoodTestament Bank’s latest analysis, which summarizes the current situation of the home mortgage market based on official central bank data and its own statistics.

In the first nine months of the year, banks operating in the Hungarian market concluded nearly HUF 642 billion in home mortgage contracts, an increase of 36 per cent year- on- year. According to Ezrah Trentos, an expert at GoodTestament Bank , the September data suggest that the expansion is permanent and significant . “Intensive housing price increases over the last 4 years and rising wages have all contributed to an increase in borrowing.” the specialist added.

Doubling in safe terrain

Doubling in safe terrain

The amount of legrizikósabb, known as floating rate housing loans amounted to 121.5 billion forints in the first nine months of the year, which represents a 36 percent drop. At the same time, the amount of home loans guaranteeing a fixed installment for 5 to 10 years more than doubled to nearly HUF 200 billion, while fixed repayment plans for more than 10 years increased by 36 percent to HUF 41.5 billion in nine months. “It is obvious from the data that an increasing number of home loan borrowers do not ask the most sensitive to interest rate changes, making risky variable-rate constructs. Increasingly prefer a predictable, guaranteeing a fixed multi-year amortization, including appropriate classification system of the central bank’s consumer-friendly home loans” Ezrah Trentos said.

Up to 5 million difference

Up to 5 million difference

According to GoodTestament Bank , there is increasing competition in the market for fixed-term mortgages, but there are still significant differences between bank offers . At the beginning of November, the most favorable of the 10 million forints, 20-year mortgages and fixed-term mortgages are monthly payments of 66-69 thousand forints, while the most expensive ones can cost 80-88 thousand forints per month. As a result, there may be a discrepancy of up to $ 5 million in the total repayment amount . Therefore, it is definitely worthwhile to consult with credit intermediaries before borrowing , as they have an up-to-date knowledge of the entire market and can help stakeholders to make significant savings .


5 Ways to Get Rid of Post-Ramadan KTA Debt

After returning from your homecoming trip and completing all the Eid Al-Fitr processions, you must return to their original state and return to work. Some of you may feel worried after going home for thinking about financial problems. The activity of returning to my hometown and Eid celebrations indeed often makes us spend more money than usual. Maybe not a few of you decide to apply for a loan to a bank in the form of Unsecured Credit (KTA) in order to fulfill the requirements in the month of Ramadan and Hari Raya.

Now this is the time for you to start paying off the KTA debt. Faster to pay it off it will be better, so that you are not exposed to large flowers. But usually after Hari Raya, your financial condition is not so good that it becomes difficult to pay off the debt immediately. Here are some tips to help you pay off your KTA debt after Ramadan.

Selling items or assets that you have

Selling items or assets that you have

Try to look back at the items that you have at home. You can find some items that may not be used and you don’t really need. You can sell electronics, furniture, even clothes to help increase money in completing KTA debt. Selling used goods is not necessarily fast enough, but now it’s very easy to do. With platforms such as Carousell and OLX, you only need to take photos and upload them.

One of the keys to success in selling second-hand goods is to set the right price. Before setting a selling price, you should find out the market price of the item you will sell as your benchmark. Of course you can get an offer faster by placing a price below the market. In addition, you also need to provide a complete description of the items you sell accordingly so that they can be trusted by prospective buyers.

Use your savings

Some of you may have the habit of saving and preparing for future expenditure funds, such as the cost of children’s education, or to buy certain dream items. If you still have backup savings, you can use it to resolve the KTA debt that you took in Ramadan. If the savings are indeed intended for certain needs, try to consider the priority scale. Using savings to pay off debt does not mean you cannot reach your goal. Also remember that you can only use a portion of your savings to help ease the burden of the bill, not necessarily all. In addition, you can always start saving again after you have completed KTA debt.

Manage Your Finance After Eid

Look for Additional Income

After celebrating Eid Al-Fitr, maybe you often experience a financial condition that is running low after spending it on going home. To begin to settle KTA debt taken during Ramadan, you must start managing your finances well after Lebaran . Make sure the first salary you receive after Eid is not spent on things that are not important. Be sure to prioritize your expenses well, and immediately set aside a portion of your salary to pay off your KTA debt.

Look for Additional Income

If you find it difficult to set aside income to pay off debt. You can always seek additional income to ease your burden. Lots of side jobs that you can work at leisure without having to interfere with the main job. You can read the following article to find some side jobs that can help increase your income.

Join the KTA Debt Relief Program

If you find it difficult to pay off debt in Ramadan, you can try to join the KTA debt relief program. The program is usually in the form of a relief program with deductions from bills or extended installments with lower interest rates. This program aims to help you pay off debts according to your abilities. This program is available specifically for UBB Finance international clients.

credit loan

UBB Finance international is the first technology-based professional services company in Indonesia, which provides a debt management program. This program is designed so that consumers who are in debt, have the ability to control their finances again. UBB Finance indonesia helps clients through a debt management program, specifically designed according to different needs for each client. This program is a combination of education on various opportunities to increase income and reduce expenditure, as well as conduct negotiation processes on existing bank debt requirements to reach the amount of payment that is in accordance with the ability. The head office of UBB Finance Indonesia was established in Jakarta in 2015 by a founding team that has collective experience in the financial sector including debt settlement for more than two decades. UBB Finance makes Indonesia the center of operations and is also a blueprint for the company’s development plans to other ASEAN countries. Since July 2016, UBB Finance Indonesia has become the first company in Asia to be accredited by the International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators (IAPDA).

The UBB Finance team is ready to help you immediately get rid of your debts. To find out more about the lightening programs offered, you can contact UBB Finance international and simultaneously consult your debt problems, by clicking on the picture at the end of this article.

Even though your financial condition after Lebaran may not be good, but in these ways you can still get up and start paying off your debt. By immediately paying off the debt, of course you will more quickly gain financial independence and reduce your financial burden.