5 tips for a quick loan approval

Personal contact – quick advice without delay

The first tip may sound relatively superficial, but it can result in a quick loan approval. The applicant should ensure personal contact with the credit institution at all stages of the advice. This can be done, for example, by phone or through the on-site appointments – some banks also allow home visits. This ensures that the usual delivery times for information brochures or documents are avoided.

In general, it is advisable to discuss any concerns regarding the loan with the responsible bank employee. In many cases, the interested party is referred to different places or familiarized with the company’s online pages. Certainly everything worth knowing can be found here. Nevertheless, as many steps as possible should be carried out from a single source, from obtaining information to signing applications and documents.

The time advantage over correspondence by post is at least two to three days for every request. It may take several weeks for the entire consultation to be completed and each document to be filled out. Valuable time that passes through unused waiting – and yet could be used better.

Questions about credit

Incidentally, many questions about credit can now also be answered online: Almost all banks, savings banks and other credit institutions have summarized everything relevant for this on the corresponding websites and made it available to the citizens concerned. Here it is possible to answer the first – mostly general – questions and thus to ensure a quick start in lending. Personal contact with the consultant would then only be necessary for specific matters. Significant time savings are also waiting here.

The contact points at the bank:

  • Personal contact on site: It is particularly important when individual credit information that differs from the general questions is desired.
  • Contact by phone: This form of contact is always useful if questions or problems need to be discussed quickly and without delay.
  • Contact via the online form: This is helpful for general concerns, but for other cases the form is usually not detailed enough.

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